Cesar’s morning pep talk in the mirror:

“Pursue what you love — relentlessly! And floss, always floss.”

Cesar’s bio:        

Cesar Cervantes is a professional speaker, humorist and consultant. He currently serves as Assistant Dean of Students at Colorado College and also as a faculty member, teaching Comedy Writing & Performance.

As a keynote speaker, Cesar educates, inspires and entertains. He combines his professional training and background in stand-up comedy along with his years of experience as an administrator and faculty member in higher education.

His keynotes and workshops combine his passions: inspiring others to take action in their personal growth — and making people laugh. Cesar uses comedy as a tool to arrive at difficult truths. Speaking topics include: The value failure, resilience, authenticity & introspection, education & leadership, the importance of gratitude, and more.

Additionally, Cesar serves as a consultant for those looking to inject humor into their business, marketing, performances or speeches.

Cesar’s dog: