Cesar’s comedy bio:

Comedy has taken Cesar across the globe, performing on multiple MWR military tours in Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain. He’s been on Comedy Central’s “Open Mic Fight” and Lifetime’s “The Big Match.” He was featured at the Los Angeles Latino Laugh Festival, Boston Comedy Festival and was named “…one of Boston’s freshest funny men” by Where Magazine. He can also be seen in the film, Line of Duty.


Cesar currently teaches Stand-Up Comedy Writing & Performance in the theatre and dance department at Colorado College. He also teaches an abridged version of the course at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center – Theatre School. Cesar connects his teaching to student development in a simple way: stand-up comedians often open their performances by making themselves the target of the joke before they turn their critique on others, on culture, authority, systems, etc. In the same way, student development tells us we must first be introspective, know ourselves and know what we believe in and love. In this practice, we then have power and develop a compassion in delivering an effective message as we turn to critique — or rather, as we engage in changing the world for the better.